More & Ummagumma (1969)

     Pink Floyd's moody rock experiments gave them the opportunity to score the first of several films.  The film "More" was produced in 1969 and a full length LP was released by the band in the same year.  A somewhat unfairly overlooked album, "More" essentially builds on the atmospheric and modern classical tendencies of their previous album, "A Saucerful of Secrets", while amping up its psychedelic rock grooves.  The film itself is concerned with the exotic effects of heroin on a German tourist who becomes involved in a caper with an American girl.  The director's intent was to use the score as a combination of film background music and source music.

Pink Floyd:
  • Roger Waters – bass guitar, tape effects, percussion, backing vocals
  • David Gilmour – acoustic, electric, slide, and flamenco guitars, percussion, lead vocals
  • Richard Wright – Organs (Farfisa/Hammond/etc), piano, vibraphone
  • Nick Mason – drums, percussion

1 Cirrus Minor 5:17
Vocals: David
0:00: Bird sounds, panning.
0:58: Strummed guitar rhythm in falling harmony with somber vocals, organ swells, reverbed vocals.
2:35: Unaccompanied organ harmonies with bird sounds, joined by contrasting high textures from distant guitar/synth.
2 The Nile Song 3:27
Vocals: David (no organ or piano from Rick)
0:00: Heavy guitar chords and big drums in lumbering groove, shouted vocals.
1:02: Bridge, back to verse.
1:48: Bridge with distorted guitar solo.
2:29: Verse, outro solo with adhoc vocals.
3 Crying Song 3:33
Vocals: David
0:00: Panned vibes over pastoral/rustic bass/acoustic guitar groove, joined by crooned verse, punctuated by syncopated guitar cadences.
2:47: Electric guitar solo (doubled).
4 Up the Khyber 2:13
Instrumental, (no guitar from David)
0:00: Tribal drums with bass pulse joined by accented piano clusters (panned).
1:00: Organ lead joins, panned textures, ending with sped up tape effects.
5 Green Is the Colour 2:59
Vocals: David
0:00: Acoustic guitars in a pastoral groove joined by recorder, relaxed vocals.
0:52: Piano joins rhythm section.
2:09: Piano solo.
6 Cymbaline 4:50
Vocals: David
0:00: Relaxed groove over bongos/acoustic guitar/piano, followed by soaring chorus.
2:24: Scat solo (panned) joined by tremolo organ, then back to verse with added drums.
3:00: Pulsating organ leads, piano ornaments added, various textural modulations over bongos (without guitar).
7 Party Sequence 1:09
Instrumental (bongo and penny whistle)
0:00: Tribal bongo drums with distant penny whistle approaching and departing.
8 Main Theme 5:26
0:00: Gong shimmer (panned) joined by patient organ chords.
1:09: Insistent bass and drums groove enters, flanged synth textures.
2:02: Synth theme, eventually joined by textural guitar ornaments, theme developed on various synth voices.
4:52: Drums fade out.
9 Ibiza Bar 3:19
Vocals: David/Rick
0:00: Heavy guitar groove with lead solo, verse, relaxed cadence, repeat.
1:30: 2nd guitar solo, back to verse groove with added guitar lead in background.
2:30: Outro solo, fade out.
10 More Blues 2:13
0:00: Slow, reverbed electric guitar blues over organ and rhythm section.
11 Quicksilver 7:14
0:00: Ambient noise, revving textures.
0:37: Resonating drone swells (panned), joined by scattered vibraphone ornaments, staccato noises, organ harmonies becoming somewhat melodic, swelling cymbals and vibraphone chords, then led by pulsing organ textures.
6:35: Fade out with fragments of slide guitar.
12 A Spanish Piece  
0:00: Acoustic guitar in a flamenco style with Spanish-accented vocalizations (David), processed.
13 Dramatic Theme 2:16
0:00: Bass octave riff and cymbals groove joined by restrained slide guitar ornaments, guitar highlighted as bass and drums fade out.

     Later in the same year the band released their first double-album, "Ummagumma", which contained one live disc and a second disc of studio pieces, each quarter of which was written and performed by a single band member.

1 Astronomy Domine 8:32
0:00: Rapid synth pulses modulating joined by pulsing bass and drums.
0:48: Main riff enters with guitar and vocals, chromatic guitar/synth descending harmonies.
2:46: Textural interlude joined by with wah guitar lead.
4:03: Organ solo over cymbals and subtle guitar textures, rhythm section fades out and then back in, verse/chorus harmonies.
7:13: Verse with vocals resumes, ending with held chant groove.
2 Careful With That Axe, Eugene 8:49
0:00: Bass octave vamp with harmony swells, cymbals, organ lead enters, joined by guitar swells.
1:30: Groove relaxes with vocal sighs.
2:35: Octave vamp returns, eventually becomes pulsed groove, screams and guitar rave up, solo with scattered vocal scatting/howling, noisey guitar, organ surfaces.
6:28: Guitar chords/arpeggios and organ suggest harmony over pedal bass, eventually dynamics level out, ending with vocalizations over cymbals/synth.
3 Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun 9:27
0:00: Cymbal swell leads to theme in bass and organ supported by low drums, vocal joins bass and theme modulates, joined by synth.
2:30: Vamp on "heart of the sun" fragment with exotic Farfisa organ solo, tremolo guitar accents enter as drums intensify
4:49: Theme returns on bass as Farfisa solo calms down, joined by synth ornaments, bass fades out leaving abstract textures only from echoey synth and guitar.
6:10: Bass begins to resurface in high register as textures continue, drums join, becoming "heart of the sun" vamp
7:51: Final vocal verse with Farfisa ornaments developing into a fade out solo .
4 A Saucerful of Secrets 12:49
0:00: Something Else: Bass pulses/cymbal swells joined by eerie organ, eventually adding some distant slide guitar textures as bass pulses fade out, growing in intensity with dissonant harmonies.
3:22: Syncopated Pandemonium: Tribal drums and low organ textures/slide guitar noise textures, various concrete effects and more varied piano cluster accents.
5:58: Storm Signal: Low rumbling textures briefly enter as drums fade out, joined by dissonant high and low organ layers.
7:12: Celestial Voices: Slow, somewhat hymnal organ layers, with subtle dissonant textures in high register, joined by patient drums/bass.
9:20 Light guitar enters, heavier drums and bass groove
10:40: Vocal adlibs enter, bass tremolo ornaments, ending on major key cadence.
5 Sysyphus
Part 1. Foreboding timpani/cymbals/organ intro.
6 3:30
Part 2. Piano cadenza: ornamented melody, developed, leading towards dissonant chords and clusters,  joined by cymbal accents/rumbling textures .
7 1:50
Part 3. Syncopated groove based on low piano accents and percussive effects (prepared piano, found objects, etc…), interspersed with eerie reed-like cries, building to a dense climax and sudden silence.
8 7:00
Part 4. 0:00: Melancholic, static organ layers with vibraphone ornaments and bird sounds, organ lead enters, joined by subtle guitar swells.
3:10: Sudden block chord, swelling cymbals and timpani, eerie low organ joined by creepy lead, strange electronic staccato textures, piano string strums, whirling noises.
5:20: Harmony from Pt 1 resurfaces from background as organ/timpani/synth-choir.
9 Grantchester Meadows
0:00: Field sounds (birds, insects, water), finger-picked acoustic guitars enter, pastoral vocals doubled by guitar melody.
3:26 Acoustic guitar solo (additional river sounds).
5:06: Vocal verse resumes, instrumental outro with tremolo guitar ornaments, replaced by fly sound and swatting.
10 Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In a Cave and Grooving With a Pict
0:00: Chirping, rustling sounds joined by pitter-patter percussion textures, rhythmic wheezing/grunting collaged with rhythmic chirping.
2:18: Warbling siren calls enter.
3:27: Chipmunk voices joined by "pict" rant, echoed, "…and the wind cried mary.  Thank you."
11 The Narrow Way
Part 1. 0:00: Brief whirring noises intro into strummy acoustic guitars, joined by distant slide textures, whirring textures resurface intermittently near the end.
12 2:53
Part 2. 0:00: Lumbering heavy metal riffing on guitar and bass joined by bass and toms, ornamented by echoey guitar noises, guitar riff fades/becomes detuned as noises rise, ending in high drones/sirens.
13 5:58
Part 3. 0:00: High tones, gentle electric guitar strums, slow, declarative/plaintive verse/chorus with piano/guitar/fretless bass
2:14: Drums enter in 2nd chorus.
3:59: Instrumental verse featuring piano/slide guitar, outro electric guitar solo.
14 The Grand Vizier's Garden Party
Part 1: Entrance: Flutes (Lindy Mason) in overlapping dialogue, drum roll.
15 7:06
Part 2: Entertainment: 0:00: Pitch-shifted percussion echoes/sheet metal/pitch-shifted processed bell sounds create a melody.
1:31: Processed timpani roll joined by distant marimba-like tremolo melody (mellotron?).
3:12: Low rumbling textures with silent gaps becoming collaged percussion roll textures (tape music), gradually leading to more traditional drum fills, drum solo joined by tape collage fragments at end.
16 0:40
Part 3: Exit: Polyphonic flutes.

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